Wärtsilä – W31

Wärtsilä – W31

  • Client: WÄRTSILÄ
  • Production Company: ALSO STARRING
  • Director: VELLU VALLA

Troll VFX was called in once more to produce an introduction animation for Wärtsilä’s latest product, the brand new W31 medium speed engine.

I was tasked to be the lead artist on the project which meant plenty of responsibilities on many areas. My primary concerns were with lighting, shading, rendering and simulations, all of which I strived to take to a next level.

For this project I finally switched to using V-Ray’s Ocean procedural for all the shots. It isn’t that easy to use but without a doubt provides the best overall solution for large bodies of water.


The containers made good use of V-Ray Proxies. No way could we have rendered them otherwise, since the model made by Erkko Huhtamäki was quite detailed.


The simulations on this one were pretty huge and time consuming. We see them so up close that I needed every particle to achieve the wanted quality level. Even so, I ended up creating separate sims for the container ship and the tug.


We also made good use of a more sophisticated shading method, which translated into much nicer looking surfaces. I shared the shading and rendering duties with Samuli Torssonen.


Texturing the huge container ship was a big task which was handled expertly by Mikko Monto. The textures were huge, all the way up to 12k in some cases.


The final shot is where the new ocean really shines. The final comps were all done by Ari Huuskonen.