Wärtsilä – LNG Value Chain

Wärtsilä – LNG Value Chain

  • Client: WÄRTSILÄ
  • Production Company: ALSO STARRING
  • Director: VELLU VALLA

When Wärtsilä needed new material to illustrate their natural gas production and delivery pipeline, Troll was there to provide the visuals. Creating this video was quite a challenge due to the number of assets and scenes involved. We made it look pretty great though.

My job was doing everything related to lighting, rendering and shading, a task which I shared with Samuli Torssonen. This was helped by the move to V-Ray 3.0, which brought along some great speed improvements and helped us to iterate the shots a couple more times.

The globe was a collaboration between me, animator Mikko Monto, compositor Vesa Jokinen and our AD Jussi Lehtiniemi. I provided the rendered elements and an additional “nebula” layer created with a great fractal generator called Apophysis.


As usual, I did all of the oceans as well. It’s not a marine related animation without a few nice sims.


The wireframe look is a combination of V-Ray Edge and Toon shaders, without forgetting lens flares.


Lighting the ship with IES-lights was easy but it also resulted with a lot of nasty fireflies. Getting rid of those was tricky, even if the shot itself was simple.


Easy looking shot, right? Not when each of those assets is really heavy and make huge demands on computing power when put into the same shot. I had to divide the elements into different render layers just to conserve memory.