Wärtsilä – Gas Reformer

Wärtsilä – Gas Reformer

  • Client: WÄRTSILÄ
  • Production Company: ALSO STARRING
  • Director: VELLU VALLA

Ah, corporate videos. Not the most exciting work in the world perhaps, but they still provide some challenges that are fun to overcome. Troll produced the entire two minute animation for Wärtsilä.

I was responsible for almost all of the underwater sequence. Erkko Huhtamäki sculpted the seabed while Toni Kontio modeled the drill, pretty much everything else is by me.

I helped with other bits and pieces as well: creating the displacement maps for the ocean, the bubbles in the pipe and making some degree of sense of the insanely detailed CAD model of the ship. Major credit goes to Juuso Kaari for bringing everything else in the animation together, Samuli Torssonen for the gas reformer product shots and Pyry Parkkola for model cleanup work.