Valio – Valiojoukko

Valio – Valiojoukko

  • Client: VALIO
  • Agency: HASAN & PARTNERS
  • Production Company: BÄNDI
  • Director: JP SIILI
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: JAMES POST

Hasan & Partners and production company Bändi teamed up with Troll to create this big commercial for Valio.

The team at Troll crunched together over 60 visual effects shots. Since our team was very small and the timetable ruthless, everyone had to do a bit of everything, myself included. I ended up rotoscoping, keying, tracking, compositing, shading, animating and rendering bits and pieces on a huge number of shots. On the side I even did the fluid sim for the droplet hitting the milk in the end. I don’t think any one artist can claim any single shot as completely his own, we all contributed a lot.

The project started, as usual, with conforming the footage with the offline edit, which I did with Ari Huuskonen using Foundry’s Hiero. This is where we ran into our first spot of trouble when we found out that the footage was a mix of 24fps and 25fps, making the conforming a tricky business. To further complicate things, the edit had plenty of animated retimes which we had to match manually.

Another issue was with the fact that the short was shot on both RED and Alexa with an anamorphic lens. Since we had no grid plates or other camera information from the set, we had to play it safe and started our work with the standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio while the production figured out what we should use in the end (2.55:1).

Still, the project had plenty of fun things going for it and I’m quite happy with the results. Below you’ll find some before and after images of some shots I contributed to in a semi-major way.

The shots where the boy stands in front of his house were all composited by me. I also did the key for the first one while Ari Huuskonen did the other three.


In this shot I removed a crew member that walked into the frame and as well as extending the fence on the left to cover up a light. The new foreground grass was made by Jussi Lehtiniemi and the shadow added by Vesa Jokinen.


I animated, rendered and comped the puck and did the key for the girls. Vesa Jokinen did the final comp.


Again, I did the key on this one. I must say that well-lit RED footage like this is an absolute pleasure to work with, you get great reults really fast. Final comp by Vesa Jokinen.


I was responsible for the roto on this shot. Slow and boring but an absolute must to get the effect done. I also animated and rendered the puck.


Animated, rendered and comped the puck into the shot.


Key by me, final comp by Ari Huuskonen. Again, RED material is what made these shots work.


Key and final comp by me. Trying to retain as many of those small bits of flying ice was fun.


Key and rendered water by me, final comp by Juuso Kaari and Vesa Jokinen.


All of the shots where you can see water or ice had the basic setup done by me in LightWave after which Juuso Kaari took over and made the elements look good in comp. We also replaced the rollerblades in a few shots, which required careful hand-animation by me and Samuli Torssonen.


I composited this shot where the small water droplet falls off the blade. Wet version of the skate was done by Jussi Lehtiniemi while Erkko Huhtamäki created the droplet.


The final shot was animated and comped by me. I also did the fluid simulation while rendering, lighting and shading was done by Samuli Torssonen and Erkko Huhtamäki.