Valio Plus

Valio Plus

  • Client: VALIO
  • Agency: HASAN & PARTNERS
  • Production Company: TROLL VFX

A commercial we did at Troll VFX for Valio. I did lighting, shading, rendering and simulation work on it, as well as photoscanning the table. Rest of the team included Samuli Torssonen, Mikko Monto, Erkko Huhtamäki, Vesa Jokinen, Ari Huuskonen and Molla Karjaluoto.

The flowing milk effect was achieved by a combination of simulation and comp magic. Here it’s a blend of a deforming texture and a fluid sim, where I provided Vesa Jokinen with the elements and comped them all together. Rest of the shot was lit and rendered by Samuli Torssonen.


Since a simulation alone usually doesn’t quite cut it, we again enhanced it with actual shot elements. Took a really long time to render though, with all the complex shading and depth of field.


The flowing milk was a tricky one but was in the end pulled off by traditional animation methods. The table model is based on a scan made by me at a local furniture store.


The closeup was a separate scan and you can really see here how it paid off. The fine detail is really something you can’t reproduce any other way.


The product shot was lit and rendered from scratch by me, while the little droplet hitting the milk was recycled from an older commercial we did a couple years back. Why spend time redoing work you’ve already done?