Tupla – Miksi tyytyä yhteen?

Tupla – Miksi tyytä yhteen?

  • Agency: FAMILY
  • Production Company: TROLL VFX

Tupla is one of the more popular chocolate bars sold in Finland and Troll was heavily involved in producing a vlog/advertisement video with Family and Youtuber eeddspeaks ( In fact, our very own AD Jussi Lehtiniemi directed the whole thing.

Apart from some tracking work, I had little to do with the vlog itself but I did do quite a bit for the two ten-second spots that were also needed for the campaign.

After wasting some time looking for publicly available slow motion explosions of decent quality, we decided that the only way we’d achieve the look we wanted was to bite the bullet and use fluid simulation to create the wall of fire. The task fell to me, while Mikko Monto animated the flying bars and Erkko Huhtamäki handled the modeling, lighting and shading. Final comp was put together by Vesa Jokinen, who did a marvelous job of turning my rather questionable raw renders into something quite pretty.


Simulating and rendering the explosions proved to be quite a challenge due to stresses they placed on our computers. I ended up creating several terabyte’s worth of caches and using every single bit of memory our workstations had. Make no mistake, simulation work is something that always needs plenty of time to do right.

I’ve got to say though, simulating with Turbulence FD using a good GPU is so much fun. Fast doesn’t even begin to describe it when compared to doing the same work with a CPU.


While simulating, I also worked on the other ten-second spot where I did much of the shading, lighting and rendering work. Credit also goes to Erkko Huhtamäki for modeling the bar and the helicopter, and to Mikko Monto for the initial animation work. The comp was put together by Ari Huuskonen.


In addition to the normal widescreen version of the spots, we created 24-fps versions for theaters and separate tall format videos to be used on digital street screens.