Santander – Kitchen

Santander – Kitchen

  • Client: SANTANDER
  • Agency: N2
  • Director: SAM SHINGLER
  • Production Company: MJÖLK
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: JAMES POST

Second of the summer’s two Santander commercials, this one taking place in a kitchen. There’s a lot of going on and you wouldn’t believe how much of it is fake. Well, maybe you would considering what you are seeing is impossible in the real world.

I did the shot conforming and a bunch of miscellaneous things listed below. Almost everything else, including the comp, was done by Juuso Kaari while Vesa Jokinen helped with the key.

Here’s the original plate, just for fun. Not much there.

Simulated smoke from LightWave using TurbulenceFD.

The first lamp. Awesome, isn’t it?

And the second lamp. Animating these things was a surprising pain.


And the door for the cupboard. Texture projection in Maya is a bit stupid but hey, learned how to do it.

Plate for the dog for which I did the key. Puppy!

Final frame before grading. Piece of cake!