Mascot Robot for 7 Signal

  • Client: 7 SIGNAL
  • Agency: RIGHT

A robot we made at Undo for 7 Signal, a wireless business security company, marketing the launch of their new website as well as being used in various promotional materials. The cylinder thingy is actually the company’s main product, it was a bit of a challenge to make a boring object like that to look good.

Majority of the modelling and shading work was done by Aki Harra while Pekka Kytölä did the rig and pose. My job was to add the finishing touches to the robot, model the cylinder (!) and do the final render and comp.

We actually ended up creating two versions of the final image; one with sharp and one with blurred reflections. The client wasn’t sure which was better, but we all know blurred reflections tend to look a lot better. Right?