Red Cross

Short film for Red Cross

A short film created at Undo for the Finnish Red Cross, featuring two characters designed by artist Julia Vuori.

The whole project was an experiment into creating non-photorealistic 3D and a lot of time was spent on trying out what worked and what didn’t. We ended up using a hybrid method: all elements in the short are animated and rendered in 3D, but the backgrounds received a paintover in Photoshop to make them look more cartoony.

The original plan was to have the outlines of the characters jitter and jump, as if they had been hand-drawn in each frame. While initial tests worked out well enough, the effect turned out to be too distracting when put on painted backgrounds and was abandoned in order to deliver the project in time.

The backgrounds were created by rendering an ambient occlusion image of the shot and painting over it in Photoshop. The resulting image was then projected back onto the geometry and could be rendered with the characters. The drawback was that the camera had to stay static, but since the script really didn’t call for any fancy camera moves this didn’t turn into a problem.

The base models for the characters, Reddie and Cat, were created by Aki Harra and my job was to finish them for use in the final animation. Rigging and animation was done by Pekka Kytölä and Meruan Salim, while Leo Lipasti helped with modeling the props. Markus Elo did a lot of work painting many of the backgrounds.

Apart from modeling work, I handled most of the lookdev and did all of the rendering and compositing. I also helped to paint the backgrounds and was responsible for delivering the final product to the client.