RealFlow – Tips and Tricks

RealFlow is an excellent tool for creating complex fluid simulations and I’ve been using it for some time in productions. There’s a lot of gotchas and issues you might need to work around however, so I’ll try to document some of those here.

Meshing crash when using Displacement

RealFlow 2013

RealFlow crashing when meshing a Hybrido simulation with Displacement turned on? The mesher is rather picky when it comes to some settings, and one big reason for crashing is the Quality setting in the Hybrido Domain’s Ocean Statistical Spectrum rollout. Anything above 512 tends to cause some serious issues, not to mention very high polygon counts, so keep the number at 256 or 512. You can easily add some of the needed extra detail with bump or vector displacement maps during the render.

The Min Wave Lenght and Choppiness can also be a source of issues, so I’d advise keeping these settings at over 0.01 ¬†and under 0.8 respectively