Moomins and the Comet Chase

Moomins and the Comet Chase

  • Director: MARIA LINDBERG
  • Production Company: FILMKOMPANIET ALPHA
  • Post Production: UNDO

Undo created the visual effects for the 2010 Moomins and the Comet Chase feature. The movie was pieced together from Polish puppet animation done in the 80s which was heavily re-edited, re-recorded and finally converted into stereoscopic 3D. Our job was to add or replace elements in certain scenes to make the movie more visually appealing and enchance the impact of 3D.

I helped to create a few of those shots, most of which you can see on this page. Without a doubt the biggest challenge was to try and make sure the added material matched as closely as possible with the original, hand-crafted scenes. Sharp and clean CGI was a big no-no.

The first shot I was tasked with involved recreating entirely from scratch a shot where the Moomintroll imagines the comet hitting the Earth. The original shot done in 80s was deemed too poor to be restored and the director wanted the shot to really feel 3D. It took quite a few revisions before the shot was ready for delivery and I still find a lot to improve in it, but ain’t that always the case?

For the second shot the director asked us to add a ball lightning to fly among the clouds. Aki Harra did most of the groundwork while Pekka Kytölä animated the whole thing. I took over making adjustements and changes to the shot and was responsible for delivering the final version.

The third shot I created is from a scene where the Moomintroll accidentally causes a rockslide on the mountainside. I added two more rocks to the shot which fly towards the viewer, giving a bit of a “wow” effect the director wanted.

Lastly, we were asked to add a single new grasshopper to a scene where he’d fly around and finally hit a tree in his confusion. I created the base model to look like the original paper dolls and Aki Harra took over from there, changing the grasshopper to look more like a simpleton and creating the final comp, while Pekka Kytölä did all of the animation.

Every shot was rendered and composited in stereo, which was something of a crash course into the world of 3D and how things should be done. Learned a lot in a very short time.