Kotipizza – Special Opera

Kotipizza – Special Opera

  • Client: KOTIPIZZA
  • Director: KALLE KOTILA
  • Production Companies: ALSO STARRING & ANIMA BOUTIQUE

Since we’ve had a pretty decent track record on doing simulation work, Also Starring and Anima Boutique asked us at Troll VFX to help them out on a pizza commercial they were working on.

I was the lead artist on the project, responsible for tracking, simulation, lighting, rendering and comp. Erkko Huhtamäki did modeling, Mikko Monto animated and Ari Huuskonen helped out with the comp.

This project marked the first time of us using the V-Ray Ocean Vector Displacement on a project. It definitely solves quite a few issues related to creating areas of open water.


Creating the “ocean” inside the box was tricky from a shading point of view, since having a good-looking water inside a small pizza box is not the easiest thing to do. Balancing all the elements required fine tuning lots of different aspects.


The simulation was really fun to do. I broke it up into two parts, the initial jump of the tuna uses RealFlow’s Hybrido and the splash at the end was made with standards particles. Both worked out pretty great, only needed a few iterations to nail the final look.


The whole speedramp thing was probably the hardest part of the whole commercial. Since there was no way we could simulate and render enough of frames to do a proper ramp, I used Kronos inside Nuke to interpolate frames. Not the easiest thing to do with the frame full of small, fast moving particles.