Kauppalehti – Menestys

Kauppalehti – Menestys

  • Agency: BOB HELSINKI
  • Production Company: POHJANTÄHTI
  • Director: JP SIILI
  • Post Production: UNDO

Kauppalehti, the largest Finnish economics newspaper, launched a new look and needed a TV-commercial to go along with it. The film was shot by Pohjantähti Films and all post work was done at Undo, where I helped as a compositor.

My work on this spot included tracking, animating and compositing infographics for five shots. The work was done almost entirely in Nuke and all graphics were based on work done by Aki Vilkman and the advertising agency with a little bit of my own stuff thrown in for a good measure.

The job wasn’t particularly challenging but the timetable was, so I needed to work fast to produce the kind of quality that was needed. I don’t mind, it’s a good thing to brush up one’s tracking and compositing skills when the chance arises.