Katrin launch campaign

  • Client: KATRIN
  • Production Company: BARABRA

Mascot character created at Undo for Katrin, a company specialized in toilet tissues, hand towels and dispensers. They were launching a new website and wanted to give a sympathetic face to their marketing campaign, so we were tasked to create a futuristic, helpful butler.

The character was modeled by Leo Lipasti based on Meruan Salim’s concept, while rigging was done by Pekka Kytölä. My job was to take the finished model and texture, light, render and comp it for print images and animations. I also modeled the laptop and had to do some work on the character model itself to make it look good in print since it was originally build with small website animations in mind.

Lighting on the image was done with a basic three point light rig with radiosity lighting up the dark areas. I had a lot of trouble getting the SSS on the face to play nice and in the end did a lot of fixing and cover-up work in Photoshop. The difference between a raw render and a finished Photoshop comp can be pretty damn big.