Fonecta Digitalization

Fonecta Digitalization

  • Client: FONECTA
  • Agency: BOB THE ROBOT
  • Director: PEKKA HARA
  • Music/Sound: HUMINA
  • Production Company: MJÖLK
  • Post Production: PIÑATA & TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: POST CONTROL

Troll teamed up with another post house Piñata to produce graphics and VFX for this short film for Fonecta, a finnish media corporation. Our part of the job was creating the pulsing digital line that travels through the commercial, the “digital skyscraper” as well as a bunch of other miscellaneous tasks.

I handled project conforming and management with Vesa Jokinen, as well as helping out with a few of the shots highlighted below. The team at Troll consisted of us, Jussi Lehtiniemi, Mikko Monto, Erkko Huhtamäki, Samuli Torssonen, Ari Huuskonen, Joonas Yliruusi and Molla Karjaluoto.

For this shot, I did a simple screen replacement. Simple and easy, though it’s a fun fact that the spreadsheets in the monitors are actually from our own internal hour reporting. Not that you can actually see it.


Vesa Jokinen needed a solid track and cleanup to be able to add the glowing trail, so I delivered. Surprisingly difficult due the low-light conditions of the shot, the amount of grain really is tricky to deal with.


Minor masking work was all I did on this one. All other work by Vesa Jokinen and Joonas Yliruusi.


This is one of those cases where you’d never know we did anything. The card on the girl’s hand had some visible signs of bending on it which the director wanted to get rid of, so after a quick but careful track I managed to remove them easily enough. Transform Masked is a Nuke-compositor’s best friend.


I took the responsibility of tracking this shot and it certainly proved to be a challenge. Squeezing a super-solid track is hard when the shot is so dark and has a bit too much smoke drifting around. Any minor slip would instantly show and I had to do a very careful tracker-by-tracker, frame-by-frame analysis to get it right. Even so, a separate track was needed for the stairs which was later done by Ari Huuskonen.


Another screen replacement shot I did. There wasn’t nearly enough of stuff to track in the foreground, so I ended up doing a full 3D-track which proved to be nice and stable.