Finnair & Santa’s secret

Finnair & Santa’s secret

  • Client: FINNAIR
  • Agency: SEK & GREY
  • Production Company: MJÖLK
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: POST CONTROL

Finnair and Sek & Grey produced a big advertising campaign for the holiday season of 2014 and Troll was there to provide the VFX work. We created the more obvious effect shots as well as adding a whole bunch of extra snow to much of the short film. Almost the whole team at Troll contributed to the project in some fashion since the workload was considerable and timetable tight, so credit goes to the whole team.

I held responsibility for couple of key shots, namely the plane and planet Earth seen at the very end.

I did the animation, texturing, lighting, shading and rendering work on the plane shot. Erkko Huhtamäki did modeling and texturing work on the plane, Ari Huuskonen composited and Jussi Lehtiniemi art directed and did the matte painting of the clouds.

If you look close enough, you can actually see our animator and one of our compositors in the cockpit. I shot them in front of the poorest greenscreen you can imagine but it was enough to get that extra bit of detail that I tried to put into every aspect of the shot. I have no idea how many iterations I did but the number was considerable.


My pet project came in handy again when the brief called for a stylistic view of Earth with the flight paths flown by Finnair visible. I created all the elements in 3D, did the initial comp work which was then taken over by Vesa Jokinen who worked under the direction of Jussi Lehtiniemi to deliver the final shot.


And here’s a bit of a breakdown of all the different layers. Those 42k-86k maps really came in handy for something like this. Note the clouds and atmosphere being reflected from the surface of the oceans.


The ocean mask, to make compositing that much easier.


56k map of the nightlights, provided by NASA with local and ongoing fixed done by me.


Displacement mapped clouds based on NASA’s textures. There’s plenty of artifacts in the original data so I’ve had to do quite a bit of tweaking and fixing to get production quality out of it.


Volumetric atmosphere! Isn’t it pretty?


And just because one atmosphere wasn’t awesome enough… we have two!


For the space background, I prodivded a quick fancy nebula created in Apophysis.


Final comp by Vesa Jokinen, under the art direction of Jussi Lehtiniemi.


And final grade by Post Control.


And just to provide a bit relief to our comp team, I did some quick work by providing the running lights of the plane as seen by the boy from the ground. Yeah, they are way more visible than what you would see in real life but the short is whimsical and fantastic anyway.