Felix – Tuntee suomalaisten maun

Felix -Tuntee suomalaisten maun

  • Agency: HASAN & PARTNERS
  • Production Company: MJÖLK
  • Director: PEKKA HARA
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: JAMES POST

We opened the year at Troll by diving straight into work. The new commercial for Felix required some motion graphics and we were certainly up to the task. Based on a brief by the agency, we tracked, animated and composited around fifteen shots in all.

I was responsible for project management and conforming in Hiero, some tracking and compositing in Nuke and final delivery for grading. The project was a fun one, I really like graphical elements inserted into footage and none of the shots caused too much trouble.

Admittedly, it did take some work to figure out the best way to create the shots when there were two different versions of the edit to deal with. Project management is the part where one small mistake can cost you the most and I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting the major pitfalls (after falling into them a few times).

Vesa Jokinen did the other half of compositing work as well as doing most of the animated effects. Credit also goes to Joonas Yliruusi for some roto work and Molla Karjaluoto for producer responsibilities.

I did a 3d-track of the doctor’s office in SynthEyes and set up the scene in Nuke, after which Vesa Jokinen took over finalizing the shot with animated text plates.


Tracking is always a bit easier when your digitally added elements are not required to stick to any object or surface with pixel precision. In this case the added elements actually worked far better when they followed the movement of the people only loosely, making the text more readable.


Speaking of tracking, adding the house to the lakeshore was probably the trickiest one. Pulling a solid track of dark, grainy and low-contrast footage is always a bit of a challenge. Once that was done, all it took was some grading to make the house sit in it’s new environment.


Adding  the text to this shot was pretty much a matter of hand-animating the whole thing, since there was very few things I could use for tracking. Tweak a keyframe, play the shot, tweak it a bit more, play it again and so on until you (and the client) are happy.


Nothing special about this shot, simple tracks and even simpler luma key were all that was needed. Oh yeah, and I added a few more visible lights to the shore. Easy.


Easy track to the nose of the dog and some quick hand-animation to make the elements look like they are in 3d-space.


This one is great example of how we can easily pick up each others shots at Troll and continue the work. The initial setup and animation was done by Vesa Jokinen, but when he became busy with other stuff, I took over and finished the animation of the elements. Very smooth, especially when you had the good roto provided by Joonas Yliruusi.


Don’t really need to say much about this one, do I? Quick track, a bit of fiddling with the placing and animation of the elements and the shot was finished. Final tweaks were done by Joonas Yliruusi when I was too busy to make them myself.