Print campaign for F-Secure and TopGear

  • Agency: UNION

Print advetisement created for the british TopGear Magazine and finnish internet security company F-Secure. Credit for modeling the Ferrari-inspired body goes to Leo Lipasti, everything else in the image above is by me.

Majority of the work was done in LightWave. This was the first time I tried out the linear workflow in a print image and I’m pretty happy how it worked out. The whole scene is lit with just one area light and a spherical HDR image, the rest is handled by everything reflecting. A lot. You can guess what kind of headaches the rendertimes caused since the final image was around 6000px wide.

Modo was used to model the mouse itself, the tires and the Spa circuit in the background, as well as modeling and rendering the tire markings texture on the ground.

The base effect for the background halo was created with the help of a great fractal generator program called Apophysis. Combined with some Photoshop tweaking, it can create some really nice stuff whenever you need artsy looking nebula thingys. Which is really not that often. Fun tool anyway.

The final render was separated into several passes which were then composited together in Nuke. This is where I added stuff like depth of field, smoke (grabbbed from and made loads of colour adjustements. Final tweaks and fixes were done in Photoshop, as usual.