Elisa – Meidän Osku

Elisa – Meidän Osku

  • Client: ELISA
  • Agency: BOB THE ROBOT
  • Production Company: MJÖLK
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: JAMES POST

Troll provided post production services for four 30-second spots in the latest advertisement campaign for Elisa with the production company Mjölk and ad-agency Bob the Robot. In addition to the obvious 3d-work, we did a lot of small cleanup work on the live action commercials.

Initial animation for the spots was done by Juuso Kaari, after which I took over fine-tuning, lighting, shading, rendering and compositing the final versions. Icon layout and animation was done by Vesa Jokinen, while Erkko Huhtamäki modeled two of the phones. Thanks goes to Ari Huuskonen for much of the cleanup work and Molla Karjaluoto for the effort of keeping the production together.

If there’s one thing I learned about the whole project, it’s how difficult it can be to keep track of multiple versions of the same project and how much extra work it means. Is it easy to change the phone in an animation? Yes, but now you have two sets of 3d-scenes and comps to manage, not to mention iterations, previews, packing and delivering. Multiply that again by two and add to the top a whole bunch of footage that needs to be cleaned up yesterday and it can all spiral out of control very fast.

You have to be able to juggle twenty things at once. Multitasking!

Lumia 1020 version was the first spot to be finished. All 3d-work was done with Maya and V-Ray, compositing in Nuke as usual.


You know what’s a pain in Maya? Looping image sequences. You have to use expressions to do it and it’s very easy to mess it up. Which I did a few times before I just gave up and rendered all the icons as sequences a few hundred frames long.


Lighting caused a some surprising problems with all of the scenes since the client wanted the icons to remain fairly uniform in color while also having shading (shadows) on them. It took a bit of tweaking to reach a sort of a middle ground.


Nearing the end of the production, there was a change of plans with this Huawei MediaPad spot and quite a few elements needed to be reanimated. The tricky part is to try and not to break anything while tweaking things, and I actually had to re-render part of the sequence at the last minute due two of the elements clipping through each other. Good thing we had the computing power available.