Elisa – Nightware

Elisa – Nightware

  • Client: ELISA
  • Agency: BOB THE ROBOT
  • Director: OSMO WALDEN
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX

Another commercial we did at Troll for Elisa, marketing their mobile security service. The inspiration behind the spot came from Thing in the The Addams Family series, though luckily we had modern VFX on our side to make the effect work.

I was given the lead role on the project and my work mainly revolved around managing the timeline with Hiero and keeping everyone busy. The team consisted of Mikko Monto who did some animation work and compositors Vesa Jokinen, Ari Huuskonen and Joonas Yliruusi. Molla Karjaluoto once again shouldered the responsibilites of a producer.

We also made a short breakdown video, edited together by Joonas Yliruusi:

To add a bit more spooky atmosphere, we added a bunch of moths to the first two shots. Animation by Mikko Monto, rendering by me.


Matching the look of a real lit screen was a bit tricky, but nothing too difficult. Always use reference when doing this kind of work and you’ll get it right.


Another piece of 3D that we did. We had a bit of trouble with matching the CG elements with the speedramp created in the edit, but solving stuff like that can make a shot an interesting challenge even if it’s fairly ordinary otherwise.


Most of the shots were basic compositing work if there’s such a thing. Clean plates, careful rotos, cleanup, matching the grain etc. We’re pretty good at all that stuff.