Children’s Hospital – Ocean

I’m super proud to have been part of this collaborative project. Together with some of the best digital artists in Finland we created a giant wall art for the new children’s hospital in Helsinki. The piece is located in the ambulance hall, where the young patients are brought in and they have something fun and calming to look at instead of cold lights and hard concrete.

My role was to create the scene, model some basic elements and then light, shade and render the whole thing at a huge resolution. I also did precomp to give the overpaint guys a decent base to work with.

Full list of credits:

Timo Hämäläinen
Ville Ikonen
Antti Ilvessuo
Manu Järvinen
Tuomas Kankola
Tony Kihlberg
Lauri Konttori
Tuomas Korpi
Raine Kuusi
Miia Länsimäki
Jukka Rajaniemi
Tomi Väisänen