Aino Jäätelö – Pikarit

Aino Jäätelö – Pikarit

  • Client: NESTLÉ
  • Production Company: TROLL VFX

Troll produced a short commercial for Activeark JWT and Nestlé, advertising their new ice cream products for the coming summer.

The packages and the butterfly were modeled and textured by Jani Viitanen, while Mikko Monto did all of the rigging and animation. Lighting, shading and rendering was left to me, while Ari Huuskonen handled compositing under the direction of our AD Jussi Lehtiniemi and producer Molla Karjaluoto.

Majority of the work was done in Maya, where I pulled together all of the elements and created the final scene. Depth of field and motion blur were both done in render using V-Ray and getting the image as noise-free as possible was something I spent quite a bit of time on.

The liquorice on the table were a last minute addition, requiring a lightweight solution to that wouldn’t take too much time, so I ended up modeling fairly simple geometry to which I then projected images of a real liquorice. They just about held up and the trick worked fine in the end.


Food of any kind is notoriously difficult to create in 3d, so to make sure we’d get the ice cream as close as possbile to the real thing we decided to use scanning, which gave us some great geometry to act as a base for the final model.

Since scanning can produce such great results (not to mention that it’s fun!), we decided to use it for the table as well. Sure, one could grab a texture from CGTextures and slap it onto some geometry, but it just doesn’t compare to what’s essentially a snapshot of reality.


Due to the camera making a 180 degree turn, we needed a background that covered the full field of view. The heavy use of depth of field meant that we didn’t need something absolutely photoreal, but the right light and colours still had to be there. I ended up creating a full 3d-scene in LightWave populated with instanced plants, which I then rendered out to act as a starting point for the work done in Maya and Nuke. Ari Huuskonen combined the elements I provided with plenty of comp magic to spice it up.