• Director: AKU LOUHIMIES
  • Production Companies: BLIND SPOT PICTURES & MJÖLK
  • Post Production: TROLL VFX
  • Color Grading: JAMES POST

Troll worked on about twenty VFX shots for the Aku Louhimies’ new feature 8-Ball. The shots were all cleanup work, removing visible crew members from reflections and such. Simple enough, but the results had to be spotless and completely invisible to the audience, in which I think we succeeded quite nicely.

Of the twenty-odd shots a few were my responsibility, some of which you can find below. I also did the conforming work using Foundry’s Hiero which I had never used before. A big thank you goes to our supervisor Juuso Kaari for helping out with the few issues that came up with it, after which I pretty much fell in love with the program. Never again will we have to manually match footage to the edit, just couple of clicks and everything is ready for post work to begin.

On the first shot the young child actor glanced to wrong direction while delivering dialogue. This seemed like an error, which it was, and the director wanted it fixed. The effect required some careful tracking to make sure nothing seemed off, since people can immediately tell if there’s something wrong going on with someone’s face.

Check out the before and after images. Subtle but fun little performance adjustment.


A cable was visible in the framing of a shot and it needed to go. Since the camera was locked removal was pretty easy, as was hiding a crew member that can be seen in the reflections of the window.


What in the old days might have ruined the shot is today a quick fix in post; a microphone visible in the reflection. A bit of tracking, a bit of rotoscoping and a careful regrain is all that’s needed to make the mic disappear.


Another slight blunder done by accident during the shoot. Someone walked past a light and cast a visible shadow on the cabinet in the background, which took the attention away from an otherwise intense shot. The same ingredients that solved the other problems worked here as well: good roto and tracking tools are a compositors best friends.